We are your trusted partner with history of innovation. Established to make imagery accessible
Our mission is to provide straightforward, timely and cost effective access to imagery. This is enabled through our unique combination of best-in-class platform technology, huge range of image sources, independent and committed customer support.

Our clients come to trust and rely on Geocento. They benefit from our expertise taking away the complexity of imaging. We allow our clients focus their time and energy on their core business goals.
Founder & CEO
Founder & CTO
Sales & Marketing Director
Kim Partington
Thomas Lefort
Maryia Urazaeva
Anthony Clayden
Finance Director
CEO, Taitus Software
CEO, CloudEO
Co-Director, Air and Space Law Program, University of Mississipi
Felipe Martin Crespo
Manfred Krischke
Michelle Hanlon
Our advisors
Graham Glanfield
Earth Observation Engineer
Lauren Carnell
Sales & Marketing Engineer
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