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Why should I be interested in EarthImages-on-Demand?
As a user of imagery, you should not have to search out and compare providers, navigate their complex range of image collection services and commit money to one supplier before knowing that they can collect successfully. You should simply specify what you want (without technical jargon), agree on the terms and then have us do the rest. We guide you on the budget, orchestrate the collection for you, and then only release the money once we know that your collection has been successful. It is much simpler with the potential to result in significantly lower cost and quicker collection.
I am not an imagery expert. Is this suitable for me?
EarthImages-on-Demand is designed for you, as well as for experienced users. We offer visual tools to let you see what the imagery will look like before you order, and we do the work in defining technical standards for the imagery. If you see anything that is difficult to understand in our service, let us know and we will immediately fix it! We are confident you will not find anything.
I am an experienced geospatial professional. Can I define my own imaging products?
The user is able to accept our "standard product" definitions for imagery, or to define their own, giving professional users flexibility, for example if they want stereo imagery, or a more limited off-nadir imaging angle.
What type of imagery is available?
Currently, sub-metre visible and near-infrared satellite imagery can be ordered, sufficient to be able to detect small buildings, roads, or better. Coarser resolution optical and radar satellite data, as well as aerial imagery, will be available in the future.
How do I select the most appropriate image resolution for my application?
You can use a simple inbuilt tool that helps visually compare imagery of various resolutions and refer to the descriptions of the most typical use cases for each. Our expert team is always glad to offer assistance if you need any help, for example through our Chat facility.
How much will the imagery cost?
As soon as you define your requirements for image product, area of coverage and collection time window, you will be presented with a recommended budget designed to achieve successful collection given expected collection conditions (cloud forecast, etc). You can modify this in order to increase the chances of successful collection, for example in case of emergency, or to suit your pre-existing budget, knowing that you will not need to pay unless the collection is successful.
My budget is limited. Is there any solution for that?
You can take advantage of the unique "Set budget" option. EarthImages-on-Demand will introduce the indicated amount to all relevant suppliers, even if well below standard market rates for collection, and notify you if someone agrees to accept it. The chances of this being accepted increase with the volume of imagery required and the location of the area of collection (i.e. if it is for an area where there is significant excess imaging capacity in our constellation).
Can I track the imagery collection progress?
Yes. You can check the actual status of all orders directly from your account, or subscribe to an email alert. As soon as a supplier plans to collect imagery, or has successfully acquired the imagery, you will be informed. You can even adjust the collection parameters in real-time in order to increase the chances of collection success, for example by extending the collection timing window if cloud cover is worse than expected.
What if the imagery is not collected to specification?
There is always a chance that imagery will not be collected to specification because of cloud and competing demand from different customers. In this case, you have the option of extending the collection window, relaxing the imaging requirements (e.g. acceptable cloud cover), paying a reduced price, or simply allowing the order to lapse without having spent any money.
What license comes supplied with the images?
A specially designed harmonized license covers all the image sources supported by EarthImages-on-Demand. If you are an institutional or enterprise user of imagery, you can publish a customized license (starting from our harmonized license), for cases where you have certain needs.
How can I integrate EarthImages-on-Demand into my operational workflow?
You can easily add EarthImages-on-Demand to your own operations and value-added services using our convenient API tools.
I am fine to use images collected a while ago. Can I check the archive first?
EarthImages-on-Demand is all about fresh imagery and future collections. In a future version of EarthImages-on-Demand we will be integrating the ability to check for the most recent image of your area of interest before proceeding to fresh collection. In the meantime, you can jump to our EarthImages marketplace to search for data from the imagery archive with an easy ordering process and delivery direct from the platform. If your business requires both archive and new satellite data, we will be happy to provide an integrated solution.
How can I get involved?
We welcome early adopters to EarthImages-on-Demand. Please, send us a request if you want to implement a pilot project, support testing the service, and provide feedback for future developments. If you are an Earth observation satellite operator, please consider a partnership opportunity.
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