EarthImages-on-Demand: win-win for customers and suppliers
Although the market for imagery is growing significantly, it is clear to us that structural inefficiencies in the way the market operates will limit growth. This is certainly true in relation to fresh image collection, which underpins so much of the business.

Rather than customers requesting what they want and having suppliers respond, the customer has been expected to do all the running – finding a supplier with an appropriate service and then relying on that single supplier to deliver, despite challenges of cloud cover and imaging capacity.

If you turn the process around 180 degrees so that customers call the shots through a standardized image collection request service broadcast to all suppliers, then all sorts of benefits ensue – pricing that adapts to demand vs supply (with the potential to deliver significant savings), quicker collection, better use of imaging capacity and more scalable services. A win-win situation for customers and suppliers.

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